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Twig and Vine empowers women by creating expressive outlets via design and the ability to earn a sustainable living wage.  Our artisans create modern designs and we provide the global platform for them to share their creations.


Shop products.  The best way to support this effort is shop products to support the artisans in a sustainable, dignified way.  Help these women break the chain of poverty in their lives and for generations to come.


Host a party.  Our circle of influence is limited; help make a bigger impact by increasing awareness and hosting a party for those within your circle of influence.


Gifts of Empowerment. Twig and Vine is not a 501c3, therefore we do not receive financial contributions. The artisans and their families participate in the programs at MANOS DE FE (Hands of Faith) and MISSION CLUBS and the beautiful work they are doing there.  Manos de Fe is working toward being 100% sustainable, and through your help they can get there quickly.  If you are moved by the collaborative efforts of Twig & Vine and Manos de Fe, you can give a gift that empowers and allow the ministry to create improved job opportunities, working environments and humanitarian efforts.  Give a gift that empowers here.   


“It’s time to rethink poverty.  It is time to put the person, made in the image of God, at the center of the economy.  It is time to help unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the developing world.  Business, not aid, is what changes poverty.”

– Poverty Cure

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